TEA!! Who does not know this word. As we all know, tea is a drink that is in demand by all people. From the upper class to the lower class can enjoy it. From all corners and corners of the world also know this tea.

It turns out that the more sophisticated the era, the more types of tea that exist on our earth that can be enjoyed and felt the benefits. In the past we only knew a few types of tea, such as; green tea, black tea, chrysanthemum tea, and in general people are more familiar with black tea and green tea.
Let’s start introducing some other types of tea that are good for our health
Jasmine flower.

This plant is a plant that lives in tropical areas which are widely spread in tropical countries such as INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, and other tropical countries.

Jasmine is also used for traditional events or offerings to gods/goddesses.
Must be distinctive from jasmine flowers not only can calm the mind, it also has many properties and benefits. Therefore, jasmine can be used as tea.

Benefits of jasmine tea;
* can protect liver health
*rich in antioxidants
*improves brain function
Can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

This plant is a type of vine, the flowers are purple and have no fragrance, this plant is also a plant that lives in a tropical climate, the way to plant it is also very easy, just by spreading the seeds.

This plant has many benefits for the health of the body, so many people drink it as a healthy tea dish.

Here are some of the benefits of pea flower tea
. reduce stress
.for eye health
.relieve asthma
.anti cancer
.can overcome diabetes

This plant has dark red flowers, tastes a little sour, in one tree stalk can flower up to 10 pieces. Rosella is also widely used by our society as a healthy drink, the flowers can also be sweets that are fresh and delicious
Because the properties are so good for our bodies, rosella flowers began to be developed into rosella tea.

Here are some of the benefits of consuming rosella flowers;
.can prevent cancer
.as a natural diet ingredient
.can lower blood pressure
.reduce anxiety
.boost immunity.

This one plant is a parasitic plant that attaches to or rides on coffee trees. Parasite coffee is starting to be known by the public because many have already benefited from it, so that people make tea so that it is easy to consume and store it.

As for some of the benefits, such as;
.can treat epilepsy
.can treat cancer
.kill tumor cells
can overcome snoring during sleep
.smooth blood circulation
.can overcome abnormal heart rate

Moringa LEAF

This one plant is a tree that can grow tall and dense, the characteristics of its leaves are small like buttons on clothes.

Moringa leaves were once believed by the common people as leaves that are efficacious to cure people who are affected by supernatural disorders or people who want to get rid of implants in the body.

But it turns out that behind all that, there are many other benefits for the health of the body. So many people start to make Moringa leaves into tea.
Some of the benefits of consuming Moringa leaf tea are;
.treat gout
.overcome high blood pressure
.prevent cancer
.smooth blood circulation
.as a natural diet
.overcome stomach acid
.kidney health
Hopefully useful for your health

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